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Tracey Piasecki

Traffic Manager + Ice Tea Aficionado

Don’t let the lack of cape fool you, Tracey is a flat-out superhero. She handles the detailed scheduling of hundreds of projects across various departments and ensures work is distributed equally, flows smoothly, and stays on track. Throw in the fact that she’s a mother of three college students, and we think it’s pretty obvious: multitasking is her superpower.

Tracey’s love for marketing began in high school, where she participated in DECA, winning state-level awards for her entrepreneurial project. No wonder she and Jason make such a great team!

With degrees from Western Michigan University in Marketing and Management and experience in sales as a Marketing Manager for Motor City Casino and other cool places, Tracey has firsthand knowledge of all things marketing and what it takes to get ‘er done. She says it keeps her mind sharp, but we suspect she has a secret obsession with spreadsheets.

If you haven’t figured it out, Tracey and Jason are married. They have twin daughters and a son, and one gigantic cat. When she’s not doing superhero things at the office, Tracey joins Jason on visits to MLB stadiums across the country – so far, they’ve hit 21 in temperatures from 30 to 94 degrees. 

Besides ballparks, you can spot Tracey next to her pool or grilling up a storm – something she loves as much as spreadsheets. She also likes reading, watching her kids play sports, traveling, and eating pizza, steak, lobster, shrimp, popcorn, and anything Mediterranean…but not all at once. She washes it all down with an IPA or an unsweetened iced tea…emphasis on unsweetened (remember that).

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