Jonathan Stepanski


Jonathan graduated from Ferris State University with a bachelor’s degree in Television and Digital Media. He also earned his associate’s degree in Graphic Design and had originally dreamed of being an illustrator and writer of comic books. Instead, he started working at a live television show in Hollywood, CA which wasn’t a bad gig, and then became a cameraman for Fox 17 before joining Revel.

He’s now our video producer and editor, drone master, and photographer, and loves seeing his work tell stories and promote brands. He also loves traveling off-site to meet clients for interviews and video shoots, learning a little bit about a lot of stuff on a weekly basis.

Jonathan’s video expertise is matched only by his athletic prowess, as evidenced by his recurrent title of Revel bowling and ping pong champion and the fact that he admittedly takes beer league softball way too seriously.

Besides his videography and sports skills, Jonathan is a man of many talents, including carving things out of wood with chainsaws and creating Christmas coloring books for children stuck in hospitals over the holidays. 

Jonathan and his wife (whom he met at a Potato Festival – no lie!) have three small children and he loves spending time playing with them. He also likes fixing up old cars (including his 1957 Studebaker), fishing, archery, and anything else that’s outdoors near woods or water. Give the man a grilled steak and potatoes and he’ll be one happy camper. Throw in a boat and he may never show up to work again…so, on second thought, forget the boat thing!

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