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Medical device manufacturers play a critical role in providing healthcare professionals with the tools and technologies needed to diagnose, treat, and manage medical conditions. This not only improves patient outcomes but leads to better delivery of health care services to the greater community. 

Some examples of products manufactured in the medical manufacturing industry include: 

  • Medical implants
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Surgical instruments
  • Medical consumables
  • Medical imaging devices
  • And more

Revel is a skilled medical device marketing agency that partners with medical device companies to boost their brand recognition, sales, and market influence. We’ve successfully worked with companies like Motion Dynamics to help set them apart in a competitive manufacturing landscape.

Our goal is to create unique medical device branding strategies that highlight what’s special about companies like yours, helping you connect with your audience and stand out in the industry.

Medical Device Marketing Strategies & Consulting

We help medical device companies with all their marketing needs. We start by learning everything about you and your goals. Then, we create a plan that includes tactics like online ads, content creation, and branding. 

We want to make sure you get noticed, attract new customers, and reach your goals. Whether it’s improving your website, running ads, or crafting a compelling medical device marketing campaign, we know how to market medical devices and make an impact.

Medical Device Market Research Services

Through our thorough medical device market research, we study industry trends, what competitors are doing, and what customers like. We use these data and insights to guide our medical device marketing strategies, so you can make smart decisions and stay ahead in the medical device business.

Marketing Communication Planning

Revel excels in marketing communication planning to meet the needs of medical device companies. We focus on crafting compelling messaging, creating engaging visuals, and implementing targeted strategies to ensure that every tactic for your marketing in the medical device industry connects with your targets and delivers results.

Medical Device Branding Services

As a medical device branding agency, we work closely with medical device manufacturers to uncover what makes their products unique. We work to make sure your brand’s message and look leave a memorable impression, highlighting who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Brand Identity Services for Medical Device Marketing

We know how important your brand image is to you. So, we work with medical device companies to create a recognizable medical device branding identity that sets them apart from others in the industry. 

Our brand identity services for medical device marketing include coming up with names, crafting catchy taglines, designing logos, and setting guidelines for how the brand should be presented. By doing this, we make sure that your image is consistent and unforgettable, helping you to attract customers and build trust.

Voice & Style Guides

We create voice and style guides to form the non-visual identity of a brand. We focus on things like the message you want to send, your story, and what makes you unique. We work closely with you as a medical device manufacturer to clearly and consistently share your brand’s message in all your medical device marketing efforts.

Print Collateral

We offer print collateral specifically crafted for medical device companies, including the design and production of brochures, print ads, sell sheets, and other sales and marketing materials. In these print pieces, we communicate key information about your products and services. We want to engage new customers, potential employees, and all key stakeholders.

Video Production

Video production is a strong marketing tool. It creates visual content that can explain complex information and stir emotions.  

Medical device companies like Cannon-Muskegon use videos to display product features, show how to use them, and share patient stories. This builds brand recognition and trust. 

From developing ideas, writing scripts, filming, and editing, to sharing videos across your marketing channels, we offer video production for marketing in the medical device industry.

Blogging & E-Newsletters

We offer blogging and e-newsletter writing as a key part of your content marketing strategy. In every piece, we want to educate and entertain your audience, highlighting your company’s expertise and products. 

From creating content and managing email campaigns to maintaining subscriber lists and tracking performance, every tactic is aimed at connecting with your audience and boosting your engagement.

Social Media Management

Social media is an essential part of a medical device marketing strategy, and we help medical device manufacturers manage their social media presence. We create and post content, engage with your audience, and track how well your posts are doing, so you connect with your audience online. 

Medical Device Marketing Campaigns

We know how to create marketing campaigns for medical device companies. We make sure your brand gets noticed, brings in new leads, and boosts sales in the medical device market. Using both digital and traditional methods, we get the word out about your products and services to the right people, helping you meet your goals and grow your business. 

Employee Recruitment Marketing Campaigns

Our employee recruitment marketing campaigns for medical device companies are tailored to attract top talent. In campaigns like we did for Motion Dynamics and GlobalTec, we showcase the unique opportunities within your organization and emphasize your employer brand. With targeted messaging and strategic outreach, we help you build a talented team that drives success in the medical device industry.

Direct Marketing Campaigns

Direct marketing campaigns are all about reaching the right people, particularly for medical device manufacturers. We send personalized messages through mail and email to connect directly with potential customers, helping you get more leads and sales and making sure your marketing efforts get results. 

Digital Ad Campaigns

Digital ad campaigns for medical device companies aim to boost online visibility and engagement. We leverage Google ads and social media ads to target your key audiences on key online platforms, all in the name of driving traffic, increasing brand awareness, and generating leads for your medical device sales strategy. 

Medical Device Web Design & Development

Our web design and development service for medical device makers focuses on creating user-friendly websites that showcase your products effectively. We make sure your site is easy to navigate and shows up well in online searches. We want to help you reach more customers and provide a smooth experience for anyone visiting you online. 

Website Planning & Management

Our website planning and management services for medical device marketing set you up so your online presence is optimized for success, as we did for Inter Dyne Systems. We start with a thorough planning process, which we call eDiscover™. We consider user experience, design, and functionality. Our ongoing management ensures that your website remains updated and performing to meet your needs. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for medical device companies focuses on improving your online visibility and driving relevant traffic to your website. We conduct comprehensive keyword research, optimize on-page content, and enhance technical elements to boost your search engine rankings. Our ongoing monitoring keeps your website working for you to meet your goals. 

Content Creation

We create content for medical device companies to help you effectively communicate with your audience. From blog posts to social media content, we create engaging and informative materials that resonate with your customers, potential employees, and key stakeholders. We use content to strengthen your brand presence and drive meaningful connections with your audiences. 

Our Medical Device Marketing Clients

Make Revel Your Medical Device Marketing Agency

As a medical device marketing company, Revel knows how to market medical devices. With our expertise in branding, digital marketing, web design, and content creation, we can help you elevate your marketing and drive your medical device sales strategy, so your business can grow and your goals can be met. 

Contact us today to take your medical device marketing to the next level.

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