Danielle Webb


Danielle has been at Revel since 2011 and has a BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Imaging from Western Michigan University. She’s also an accomplished photographer who actually knows what all those buttons on the camera do. In addition to heading our operations, she’s an ace art director and overall, revels in providing that extra personal touch for her clients that they can’t get anywhere else.

As COO, Danielle’s responsible for the development, training, compliance, and efficiency improvement of creative and digital production processes, acting as a liaison between production and account services. In other words, she makes sure projects go smoothly and people are happy. 

Somehow, she also finds the time to pitch in with design and says the most rewarding part of her job is being part of a team member’s or customer’s success. She just plain loves working with people and being creative. Even at a young age, Danielle would rip ads out of magazines and put them up on her bedroom walls. She was destined to be in the advertising biz!

Being a mom, Danielle doesn’t really know the meaning of spare time, but when she can scrape some up, she enjoys paddleboarding, playing tennis and pickleball, and even playing the violin when she gets the urge. She also has a pet bird whose name is still being debated. A lover of Thai food, if Danielle could eat sushi and avocados every day, she would.

So if you want to discuss design, production, raw fish or throw around some possible bird names, give Danielle a call.

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