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Kayla Slager

Account Manager/Art Director + Constant Snacker

Kayla majored in Graphic and Advertising Design at Kendall College of Art and Design. After years of providing brilliant creative, she is now an Account Manager and dedicated champion for her clients’ needs. Before joining the team at Revel, Kayla split her time between working in marketing and being a culinary superstar. Needless to say, we’re pretty pumped when she brings food to the office!

Kayla’s typical day involves managing client accounts and seeing projects through from beginning to end, as well as sprinkling in some design work. She loves to problem-solve for clients and use her creativity to communicate their messages. 

It’s pretty obvious why Kayla loves her snacks – she’s an active and adventurous girl who needs her fuel! When she’s not moving projects along and cranking out creative work, Kayla can be found on a hiking trail somewhere conquering a climb or kayaking down a river. She loves the great outdoors, camping, and going for walks with her husband and dog.

She also bakes incredible cakes that look too good to eat, though that hasn’t stopped us from devouring them. In a former life, Kayla was a cake decorator and baker and worked at chocolate shops and ice cream parlors – she kinda likes desserts. Who doesn’t, right? 

In addition to her dog, Kayla has a chinchilla at home, and a bun in the oven. She enjoys watching classic TV shows like Star Trek and the Twilight Zone. Her favorite place on Earth is Disney World which she’s visited over a dozen times. Now we know where she gets all her magical talents!

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