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Tina Versaw

Bookkeeper/Office Manager + Coffee Addict

Tina holds a bachelor’s degree in Geology from Michigan State University. After discovering there weren’t too many opportunities out there for geologists, she had a postgraduate change of heart, and decided to go back to school to earn her CPA certification from Grand Valley State University.

She worked in accounting, stayed home with her kids, then took a job as a bookkeeper before joining Revel. Here, Tina heads up our human resources and is in charge of accounts payable and receivable, as well as making sure we all get paid. She also makes sure we never go hungry with a never-ending supply of snacks in the kitchen. We basically couldn’t survive without her. To coin a geology term, Tina rocks!

At the office, Tina enjoys Amazon’s delivery service and working with her fellow Revelers, but when she’s away from her desk and stack of invoices, you’ll find Tina reading, gardening, or traveling with her husband.

She loves spending time with her family, doing yoga when her daughter is teaching it and at one time enjoyed baking until she found herself eating too much of her own products, so she gave it up. 

While Tina doesn’t mind going golfing with her husband, she prefers visiting breweries, taking in a concert, or decorating her home. Tina has six siblings, two kids and a dog. She hates scary movies, enjoys eating cookies and loves drinking coffee – like, really, really loves drinking coffee…did we mention she likes coffee?

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