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Pete Lounsbury


Pete’s our Creative Director and his day usually consists of designing, illustrating, writing, concepting, brainstorming, and overseeing the work of the other designers on the team. He’s the guy in the baseball hat with the really great ideas under it.

As a kid, it became clear that Pete was bad at sports and pretty much all other school-related things, so his parents encouraged him to pursue art, the only class in which he ever got an A. Pete ended up graduating with honors from the Art Institute with a BS in Visual Communications, and he’s been working in the design field ever since. He’s now the leader of Revel’s creative department. Thanks Pete’s mom and dad! 

Pete’s design and creativity has garnered recognition throughout his career, including several ADDY awards. He loves coming up with unique ideas and seeing them provide real results for clients. He also loves sitting around a campfire, drinking beer, and enjoying days with nothing to do. This usually involves beer again, a beach, maybe a walk in the woods, and definitely a nap.

Pete hates lima beans and loves authentic Mexican chorizo tacos. He dreams of buying a small cottage on a coast somewhere preferably with a nearby dive bar that plays the Grateful Dead. 

He has two kids, and although he likes dogs, he does not like poop, so…no pets. His love of the outdoors is rivaled only by his love of concerts (he’s experienced hundreds) and of beer (think we established that).  In summation, Pete likes to listen to music outside while drinking beer and doing nothing. Oh, and also coming up with awesome creative.

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