Beth Houghton


Beth earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Grand Valley State University in Graphic Design and puts her creative skills to good use every day! Her passion (besides cats) is in branding and packaging design and her previous experience as an in-house marketing team member gives her an insider perspective. Beth loves the creativity of every new project and connecting with the community through her clients, especially as a born and raised Muskegonite.

Her nickname, curiously enough, is Beth, and her claim to fame, besides collecting accolades for great design of course, is that she once was struck by lightning. Rumor has it she used to have really curly hair, but after “the incident” it went straight.

As if Beth isn’t talented enough, she periodically rolls up her sleeves and changes her own oil in her car. She also happens to make a mean plate of spaghetti and makes homemade cat toys, like any good cat mom would.

Beth is crazy about cats and has two of her own: Claire and Mr. Cuddles. When she is able to separate herself from her computer, Beth enjoys going to concerts, watching spy movies and obsessing over Marvel’s Daredevil. She also enjoys snacking on amaretto ice cream, chips and vanilla Oreos…but not all at the same time. 

Though our office has a balcony, you won’t find Bethany out there, at least not near the railing, since she’s afraid of heights. Sure we’re only two floors up, but that’s still pretty high by Beth’s standards. No wonder she chose not to sit too close to the window!

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