Watch MuskegonBranding Campaign

Campaign Recall by Residents
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The Problem

Muskegon community partners rallied together in 2015 to launch Watch Muskegon, a three-year campaign to build awareness and excitement while improving the overall image and perception of the county.

Our Solution

To further reinforce the campaign and build a digital presence, Revel created a website that made it easy for users to discover all the great things to see and do around Muskegon. It also provided a means to bring in donations, get people involved, and provide access to resources.

The Watch Muskegon message has been promoted on nearly every type of item you can imagine. Everything from shirts and hats, to banners, water bottles, bags, and stickers.

The Results

The Watch Muskegon campaign is in its fifth year – and is still running. 95% of Muskegon residents can recall the campaign and its messaging, while 38% of those within the Muskegon region can recall the campaign, solidly confirming that the Watch Muskegon campaign has put Muskegon on the map. View the Watch Muskegon website for the full experience.

The Work

Branding Video

“Watch Muskegon is positively impacting Muskegon in many ways currently and we’re seeing it progressively expand throughout the city—from enhanced corridors when entering the city, to an increase in educational resources getting in the hands of residents. Also, not only do workers want to come to Muskegon for their jobs, but they also want to live here and call this their home. We notice this in turn continuously builds strong neighborhoods, increases resident involvement, and boosts personal investment in the community.”
Cindy Larsen
Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce President
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