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The Problem

RENK America, formerly L3 Harris, was acquired by German company RENK Group and was left with no marketing support in the United States. They needed to work with their German counterparts to prepare for an upcoming trade show, retain the US Army as a customer, create a plan to roll out their new identity, and localize their existing corporate brand for recruitment purposes. After the acquisition, RENK America was essentially starting from scratch with its marketing.

Our Solution

Revel started by delivering quality worldwide earned media placements to announce the merger, while simultaneously creating a voice guide to control the narrative about RENK America. Notable media placements include ForbesDefense News, and Livability

We also conducted quantitative and qualitative research with the target audiences. After the research was completed and audited, we then created and are executing a full marketing communications plan that included creating a voice guide, visual branding, recruitment videos, community engagement materials, social media account creation, and continued content creation, and custom beer brewing, among other projects

The Results

RENK America had no online social media presence prior to December of 2021. With a clear brand identity in place, Revel was able to help RENK America establish and style their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and grow their following into hundreds of followers in a matter of months. To learn more about the work that RENK America is doing to help our country’s military and their local community, follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

The Branding Work

RENK Overview Video

“The brand and marketing plan that Revel created has resulted in a significant increase in qualified job applicants, improved employee morale, and has saved the company thousands in recruitment fees.”
Mike Ferenz
Vice President, Human Resources
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