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OxyChemBranding & Voice Identity

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Increase in Website Goal Completions

The Problem

OxyChem is the world’s leading producer of calcium chloride for dust control, ice melting, and other applications. They wanted a brand that tied all their products together and presented a superior image to that of their competitors in order to gain mindshare with distributors and generate quality sales leads. They also wanted a strategic marketing plan to help promote the new brand and positively shape public opinion.

Our Solution

Revel utilized our GROW process to create a brand that better reflected their company and consistently and clearly defined their products. We then used our Analytics+ services to assess data and make adjustments based on facts, ensuring OxyChem’s new brand was working toward achieving its goals.

The Results

With new branding that cohesively connected their products, OxyChem saw the payoff of their new brand and strategic marketing plan with a 70% increase in website goal completions, generating an increase in sales leads that they wanted and changing the course of public opinion for the better. Get more information about OxyChem on their website

Campaign Work

“Revel created a marketing strategy with a creative theme, campaign, programmatic ads, email marketing, social media, and more.”
Greg MacDonnell
General Manager
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