The Senior AllianceBranding & Voice Identity

Electronic MI Choice Electronic Waiver Referrals

The Problem

The Senior Alliance came to Revel with an inconsistent and dated brand and no marketing plan or professional marketing materials. They wanted a dignifying brand that older adults and adults with disabilities in their area could relate to in order to become positioned as a leader in all among their business peers and the population they serve.

Our Solution

Revel conducted a brand audit, sifted through data on adults aged 60+, and created and continues to execute a marketing communications plan. We created a voice guide to control the narrative about The Senior Alliance, standardized their pantomes, and implemented a consistent brand. 

In step with the marketing communications plan, Revel created branded materials and electronic referral form for the MI Choice Waiver Program, advocacy material, podcast promotion, the TSA annual report, and boosted campaign materials.

The Results

In unifying their brand, narrative, and marketing materials, The Senior Alliance has had 404 electronic referrals to the MI Choice Waiver program, curated 58 podcast listeners over two seasons, and become an influencer among its peers. In fact, it was the first agency in Michigan with an electronic MI Choice Waiver Program referral form, and their parent association shared their boosted creative campaign as an example of what to do to reach older adults and adults with disabilities.

The Work

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