Saugatuck Brewing Co.Branding Campaign & Packaging Design

Boost in Sales
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The Problem

Saugatuck Brewing Company was looking to position their brand in the ever-changing and incredibly competitive craft beer market. Specifically, they needed to appeal to their distributors and engage their customers.

Our Solution

Revel started with a Start With Why whiteboarding session and took a deep dive into their challenges, goals, and values. We developed a strategy to transform Saugatuck Brewing Company’s brand – and the brands of their unique beers – to match the creativity of the beer they brew.


The Results

After new branding for the brewery and their beers were designed and released, Saugatuck Brewing Company saw their sales increase by 251%.


The Branding Work

“There are a ton of breweries making really great beer, so you have to find ways to make yourself stand out in this market. Revel has helped us greatly in that challenge, and we’re really proud of that partnership.”
Megan Scheerhorn
VP of Marketing
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