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16 Manufacturing Brands That Stand Out from the Crowd

Manufacturing is central to many businesses and industries. As a manufacturer, it may seem impossible to stand out against the competition. These 16 companies may have several different facets to their business, such as retail, but they are manufacturers at their core. But that’s not the only trait that connects ...
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5 Tips for Successfully Positioning Your Manufacturing Brand

Why is branding important to manufacturing companies? Clients and customers will decide whether to use your company versus a competitor based on cost and perceived quality.
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9 Reasons Your Manufacturing Company Needs to Rebrand

There are a variety of situations that may motivate your manufacturing company to consider rebranding. Rebranding is what happens when a company decides to change or shift any significant element of its brand to position itself differently in the market. This might be as simple as integrating a new logo ...
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Asleep at Your Desk? Overcome the Fall Slump with These 5 Tips.

Have you mastered the “I swear I’m not sleeping” head bob? How many cups of coffee do you go through before noon? Do you try to cover up your snoring with poorly timed coughing? You’re not alone. It’s fall, and we’re all tired.
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Saugatuck Brewing beer taps and 6 pack package design

Saugatuck Brewing Company Gives Mainstay Beers A New Look With the Help of Revel

SAUGATUCK, MI – A long-time favorite with locals and beer lovers across the Midwest, Saugatuck Brewing Company recently partnered with Muskegon-based creative agency Revel to revamp several mainstay brews, from package design to renaming a Saugatuck classic.
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4 Marketing Ideas for Your Apartment Community.

Is your apartment community in need of some TLC? Here’s a hint: it’s all in the way you present the package. You’ve got to figure out what will draw people through your office doors in search of an application.
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5 Marketing Campaigns That Hit It Out of the Park

Over the years, companies have come up with dozens upon dozens of creative marketing campaigns. Some were absolutely brilliant, while others were a downright fail. Today, a pretty message simply won’t drive the same marketing traffic that it used to. It’s all about consumers. What’s in it for them?
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Work Life a Little Ruff? Time for an Office Pet.

Do you have a furry friend that you’re particularly attached to? Have you somehow convinced your boss to let Fluffy come to the office with you? Surprisingly, you’re not alone. If your company is one of the cool kids on the block, you may have heard of the newest workplace ...
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Keep Portland weird sign in downtown Oregon

3 Grammar Trends to Bring Your Writing Into the 21st Century

In late March, Revel sent me to the American Copy Editors Society (ACES) conference in Portland, Oregon, featuring grammar experts covering virtually every editing issue known to the English-speaking world. No, it wasn’t a punishment. Actually, editing combines two of my favorite things: grammar and telling people when they’re wrong.
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