4 Marketing Ideas for Your Apartment Community.

Is your apartment community in need of some TLC? Here’s a hint: it’s all in the way you present the package. You’ve got to figure out what will draw people through your office doors in search of an application.

If you’re looking to draw in more residents, check out these 4 marketing ideas you can do to be the go-to apartment complex.

1. Photography

Sorry to burst your bubble, but your iPhone isn’t going to do the job. It’s time to take the plunge and search for a photographer who’s going to make your space look like it just aired on MTV Cribs.

The idea is to capture your amenities and various apartment spaces with the right angles, lighting, exposure – basically all of those technical details that only photographers understand – in order to provide engaging and attractive photos that will entice your audience. After all, your future tenants need to visualize how much furniture they can cram in their living room.

Use your pictures as a way to get specific by showcasing difference space options. People will want to see the variation from an apartment with one bedroom to one with two bedrooms, closet space, patio size, etc. If they’re anything like the million other HGTV lovers, they’ll enjoy scrolling through your pictures to map out how their furniture will look – or to find the coziest spot for their furry friend to nap.

As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words; make your potential residents speechless.

2. Referral Incentives

A great way to increase leads is to develop a referral program to honor residents who help point friends or family to your office door. Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising. Leverage your happy tenants to attract new ones. This is your opportunity to spark creativity and engage with your renters on how they can positively influence the community – for their gain and yours. Not only does this boost interest with your tenants, but it proves your willingness to step out of the box.

First, know your audience and decide what would be most beneficial to them. Offer rewards for referring friends, family, and co-workers, such as:

  • Cash prizes
  • Cleaning packages
  • Grocery store gift cards
  • Free gym membership
  • Monthly drawings for free products/services
  • Flexible payments
  • Free WiFi for a month

Depending on the circumstance, you can weigh the incentive you think best fits the outcome.

Your current tenants are the easiest way to reach new ones. Test out a variety of options and see which one best fits your community.

In either case, the referral program can serve as an ongoing source of interest in the property and a positive way to build good relationships with tenants and establish a favorable reputation.

3. Social Media

It’s important to set up social networks to help build a voice for your apartment neighborhood. From sharing exciting move-in deals to posting top-notch pictures, your online profile gives you an opportunity to reach current residents and potential ones. Start by sharing tips and advice on how to find an apartment, a list of the best pets for apartment living, or how to decorate on a budget. Your fans and followers are likely to share helpful information with their friends and family, which will give your apartment community more exposure.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or developing your own website are all great forms of online communication that can boost your presence. 91% of all apartment residents are likely to use a mobile device the next time they are looking for an apartment. This indicates you should be sure your social media game is updated regularly and your website is mobile-friendly. Of course, using apartment search finders such as Trulia and Zillow are a great way to market your complex, but having a website where you can control the content is even more advantageous.

If you want to increase hype through your online presence, it might be time to create a website. Here you can conveniently manage everything you have to share. This may include social media posts, space options, pricing, local events, etc. A well designed site is likely to increase traffic and increase potential renters. It’s a win-win.

Social media is your 24-hour salesperson. Use it to capitalize on specials, property images, floor plans, amenities, and community events. Speaking of community events … 

4. Community Events

Everyone loves a tasty cookout, am I right? Send an invitation to current residents and encourage them to invite friends and family to join you and your staff for a community hangout. The benefits to a community event are endless: happy residents, word of mouth, resident retention, creating community atmosphere, etc.

Try hosting a pool party, gardening class, ice cream social, or community yard sale. Set up areas for food, games, and special activities for children. During the event, have staff available to give out promotional items like t-shirts, hats and water bottles to attendees. Set up an informational booth to provide brochures and applications to people interested in learning more about what you and your apartments have to offer.

Take time to invest in your community and do something out of the ordinary. My bet is your networking skills will fill the rest.

There you have it. 4 marketing ideas that are bound to make your apartment community known.

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