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Let’s not beat around the bush here – desk jobs can make you fat. But they don’t have to.Even if a desk job doesn’t make you fat, it certainly doesn’t help either. This is actually becoming a real concern in our society, with increasing obesity rates, common metabolism problems, and even a whole field of study called “inactivity physiology.”

Our reliance on technology and machinery has more and more of us hunched over computers, spending our days typing and clicking in cubicles – not outside working with our hands. We just aren’t using our bodies the way we used to, especially when it comes to our jobs.

Sure, some people might get some gym time in or have other activities that provide some exercise, but even if you’re cross training for your next marathon, sitting in place for 8 hours a day isn’t doing you any favors in the fitness department.

With some of this stuff in mind, we’re making an effort to be more health-conscious here at Revel, and we’re hoping your company will too.

There are actually quite a few simple ways you can incorporate some physicality into your daily desk job routine. It won’t be quite the same as chopping timber or hammering steel, but you can build a few habits that will fight against the pudgifying effects of desktop slothfulness.

Here are a couple of ideas:

move around

Just because you work at a desk, that doesn’t mean you have to sit there ALL DAY. You can even make a few changes to force yourself to get some extra movement out of each day.

For one, take the stairs whenever you can. Park a little further away from the building for some extra steps on the way in and out each day. Another trick: get rid of your desk trashcan! Make yourself get up and walk across the office if you need to throw something away. Similarly, use a smaller water glass or coffee cup so you get up and walk for refills more often.

You can also get some movement in by wandering around the office to say hello to your coworkers, personally greet a new employee, or engage in one of our favorites: walking meetings. Instead of just sitting at a conference table chatting, take a stroll around the block or through the building while you discuss the topic at hand – consider it killing two birds with one stone.


Even for the times you’re not up and about (you do have to get some work done after all), there are some stationary exercises you can do at your desk that will help burn some calories and keep your core muscles engaged.

Don’t underestimate the power of simple abdominal exercises you can do while sitting down; even HOW you sit at your desk makes a difference. If you want to get creative, there are plenty of objects sitting around the average office that can serve as exercise equipment – think stapler curls or scooting around in your chair.

There’s also a whole universe of exercises that don’t require any equipment at all. These simple, cardio-friendly exercises are things you can do standing next to your desk. Not only will these help you fight the inherently sedentary nature of your job, but they will also help you feel more awake and energetic, and they will likely help you be more productive too!

Many of us simply have to spend a great many hours at a desk to get things done, but we don’t necessarily have to sacrifice our bodies in the process. With some good habits and a little bit of effort, you can at least put a dent in the physiological damage done by sitting still for the entire workday.

Get yourself moving however and wherever you can. Your body will thank you for it!

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