Revel’s Top 5 Super Bowl LIII Ads

The polar vortex and Michigan finally parted ways, so at last we could all get off the couch and venture out of the house, just in time to go to someone else’s house and sit on their couch to watch the big game. Of course, we all know it’s not just about friends watching the game together, it’s about the commercials. Okay, and maybe  hot wings, beer, and a variety of dips, but mostly the commercials. Here, are our top picks for Super Bowl LIII ads: 

1. Stella Artois – Change Up the Usual

Everything about this ad worked. From the polar opposite characters known for their signature drinks, to the reaction of the servers, to the hilariously subtle mispronunciation of the product, the message here was loud and clear — why not change things up, try something new, and order a different drink than usual? The Dude abides, man, especially when every purchase helps provide clean water to those in need. 


2. M&M’s – Bad Passengers

Every parent can relate to this one! Christina Applegate nailed this frazzled mom role and M&M’s nailed the message, unveiling a candy bar that can be broken apart with a surprising and funny twist. If you don’t like this ad, we may have to pull this car over and kick you out. 


3. Colgate – Close Talker

Everyone knows one – a close talker who doesn’t recognize personal space. Hats off to Colgate for this fresh approach to selling fresh breath. 


4. Microsoft – We All Win

There were several spots that attempted to pull on our heart strings, to make a statement about equality, diversity and empowerment, but this one rose to the top. Why? Because it was not only a wonderful, inclusive message featuring real kids, not actors, but it also actually had to do with the brand and its product designed to accomplish what others merely talk about. While Jeep’s visual interpretation of the Star Spangled Banner was beautiful, what did it have to do with Jeep? The same with all those who jumped aboard the empowerment of women trend — great statements we all love, but statements and nothing else. 



5. Budweiser – Wind Never Felt Better

Of course, the Super Bowl wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without the Clydesdales and a top list of ads wouldn’t be complete without these beloved horses and their dog — especially when you start with a close up of the dog’s ears flying and jowls flapping in the wind. Who didn’t smile at that? The only thing better than the ad’s cinematography backed by Bob Dylan’s famous song, is the fact that the company is indeed doing their part to ensure a better tomorrow. Well done, Budweiser. Cheers!


And the Runner Up Awards Go To…

They say close only counts in horseshoes, but we beg to differ. Here are a couple of spots that came close to breaking into our top five picks:

 1. NFL – 100 Year Game

The juxtaposition of an all-out game of football in a fancy banquet setting is fun enough, but when the participants include some of the greatest who’ve ever played, this one’s hard not to enjoy!


2. Hyundai – The Elevator 

Who doesn’t love Justin Bateman? He single-handedly almost pulled this spot off — almost. Despite the comical elevator stops of the most unenjoyable things you can think of, the ending is predictable and hokey. Still, it got the point across in a clever and fun way.  


3. Bud Light/Game of Thrones

Proof of what good partnerships can do, this co-branded ad surprised everyone, combining the humor of Bud Light commercials we all love and the drama of the long-awaited return of Game of Thrones. Dilly, dilly! 


And that’s our list. Now you can go back to the dip, the post-game analysis, and your comfy position on the couch. Unless you want to find out more about the kinds of marketing solutions we provide, then by all means, browse our site, download one of our free ebooks, or give us a call…you know, during the work week. Hey, we’re happy spending Sunday on the couch, too.   


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