Savannah Bananas at Fenway Park

Customer Experience Lessons from Banana Ball

Practical advice for businesses from a baseball maverick.  I’m a baseball purist. I believe the game should be played respectably without showing up your opponent. Back in my day, a high five was considered excessive celebration. Although, in recent years, I’ve come to appreciate the occasional bat flip. So, I ...
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Revel Named a ‘Best and Brightest Company to Work For’ for the Eighth Time

Revel has been named one of West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in 2024. This marks the eighth year the company has received this honor.  “Winning the Best and Brightest award for the eighth time isn’t just luck—it speaks volumes about how much we value our customers ...
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Magnet attracting future employee

Top 10 Talent Acquisition Marketing Tactics for Finding Employees

A how-to guide to the best marketing tactics for attracting and retaining employees. 
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Block of pictures of 18 diverse people

Talent Acquisition Marketing: A Guide for Business Leaders

The same old, same old doesn’t cut it when it comes to attracting top talent. 
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10 Audiobooks for Businesspeople Who Don’t Have Time To Read

Audiobooks are books too. 
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Roosevelt Park All star baseball team

What Coaching Youth Sports Taught Me About Marketing

Coaching and marketing are more alike than you think. 
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Colorful idea bubbles

Why Effective Communication Is So Difficult

Message sent doesn’t always mean message received. 
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White cube with smiley face and crown

How to Create a Customer-Centric Culture

Creating a customer-centric culture starts with treating your employees like royalty.
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Are You Practicing Atomic Habits?

Practice makes perfect when it comes to your habits.
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Office Space movie office copier scene

The Best Office Movie and TV Scenes

A new major award pays homage to the best scenes about the American workplace. 
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White headphones on a blue background.

Masters In Marketing Agency: Baseball and Business [Podcast]

America’s Pastime has more in common with the agency business than you might think. 
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Pere Marquette Beach boardwalk to lighthouse

The Power of Walking

I’ve been a dedicated walker ever since I got my Fitbit 6 years ago. I don’t run. If Mark Twain were a walker, he’d probably have said something like, “Running is a good walk spoiled.” I subscribe to that theory. I’m a numbers nerd. That’s why I love my Fitbit. ...
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