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Return on Investment
Marketing is Only as Good as the Results it Gets

You’ve built a brand, have a strategic plan in place, and implementation has begun. Your marketing is currently out there for the world to see.  Now what? The next step is an important one – making sure your marketing is actually working. This is how we help you grow – with the last step of our proven G.R.O.W. process. We’ve Gathered the facts, Responded with strategy, helped you Own your message…now it’s time to Work the results.

Measuring Performance

We’re out to build something greater and we know that means believing we can always do better. That’s why we’re always looking for ways we can improve…and ways we can help our customers improve, too. The best way to do this is by using marketing analytics.

With your Key Performance Indicators in place, we will measure, collect and analyze data to determine which marketing tactics are working toward your goals and which are not. We will also identify areas of opportunity, and use these meaningful and valuable insights to make adjustments to your plan. That way, we can ensure you are putting the right marketing dollars in the right places to get the results you’re looking for and the best possible return on your investment. Yes, the W in our GROW process stands for “work the results”, but it could also easily stand for “Wow, is my ROI awesome!”

Actionable Insights

Not only can this data be used to get the most out of your marketing, but it can also lead to action items that will likely prove helpful to your success and continued growth. In other words, it can reveal that all-important room for improvement we mentioned earlier. Remember, when you stop looking for ways to improve, well then, you stop improving. But not to worry. We would never let that happen.

Analytics + a Whole Lot More

Sure, data analysis is nothing really new, however, marketing tools continue to evolve and allow us more ways to gain perspective and insights, as well as provide more in-depth reporting on what we find. The result? At Revel, you don’t just get your typical analytic report. Instead, you get Analytics+.

  • Data Strategy – we’ll help you decide which data points are most relevant to measure in order to map out your course of action and monitor progress toward your goals.
  • Data Visualization – a graphical representation of your data using charts and graphs to provide a clear understanding of trends, patterns, and other aspects of the data.
  • ROI Reporting – we will measure and report on data monthly, quarterly or year over year, whichever is determined to be most beneficial for you. Whether you’re interested in how a specific project is performing or a full campaign, analytics+ reports allow you to easily see how you stack up against the competition, who your audience is, where they’re coming from, what content they’re consuming, areas we can better optimize for improved search results, and more. We will report on whatever’s important to you so you get a clear comparison of your marketing spend and the revenue you’re generating. You’ll also get – and this is huge- next steps.
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