The Man, the Legend, the Intern Chuck

A lot of companies give interns a crash course. Ours wears a helmet.

Meet Revel’s beloved intern Charles, or as we like to call him, Intern Chuck. You may have seen him around social media for his involvement in various shenanigans. But trust me when I say he’s much more of character in real life.

When we first met Intern Chuck at the beginning of the summer, he was a shy wannabe web developer with nothing but a MacBook Pro and a dream. I’m sad to say we quickly brought him out of his shell and have regretted it ever since.

Let me tell you some things about Intern Chuck:

He keeps tennis balls with him at all times, but he doesn’t play tennis. Why keep the balls, you ask? To juggle. Yeah that’s right, we have a juggling intern.

#InternChuck Juggles from Revel on Vimeo.

He keeps absolutely nothing of productive value on his desk. It’s full of toys.

His mom is very nice and is one hell of a baker. (Thanks again Mrs. Chuck!)

One time, he got his shut-in web developer skin so sunburnt that he peeled all over the floor, then felt so bad he vacuumed it up.

He makes fun of Drew.

He still listens to Meek Mill.

He comes and goes as he pleases.

He doesn’t know who MacGyver is.

He wears a football helmet when he plays arcade games (see above).

He wears t-shirts and blazers. It makes him look like a blonde Elaine Benes.

He reads really boring books.

He even wears that stupid helmet at his desk.

He once nursed a flock of baby ducks back to health, but then accidentally ran them over with his car.


Forget the fact that in the short time he’s been here, he’s gained about 1,000,000 Web Developer Experience Points (XP) and leveled up around 200 times (that’s apparently how developers rate each other). All that XP amounts to nothing if you ROOT FOR VADER TO WIN!

We were all so excited that school is starting up so this Sith-lover could get out of our sight and out of our sites. But nooooooo, someone is too good at his job and had to stay on even after school started. He’s lucky we like our clients and appreciate good work.

In all seriousness, Intern Chuck is the man. We’ve had a few interns come and go, but he’s the only one we wrote a blog post about. You’ve killed it this summer, and we’re glad you’re sticking around through the school year. Although, you have to stop making fun of Drew …

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