15 Best Marketing Blogs for Manufacturers

Blogs are a great information source for businesses and marketers alike in the manufacturing field. These blogs can offer up news, tips, trends, and more. Here are the top 15 blogs to read to keep current and on pace with the competition.


Tom’s blog is a supplemental page from the main ThomasNet website. The blog consists of manufacturing-related news to keep you well informed on your industry.  There is tailored information specific to niches within the manufacturing field, such as product and component manufacturers, capital equipment manufacturers, custom manufacturers, service companies, and industrial distributors.

In addition to industry news, Tom covers results-powered marketing, website design, search engine optimization services, pay-per-click advice, social media programs, content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, and data syndication.


“The policy and politics that impact manufacturing” is the headline for the Shopfloor blog. They post about three or four articles per week, all containing in-depth content for industry trends and news. While the articles do not specifically give marketing advice, manufacturers can read between the lines of the economic tendencies within the industry to market their companies accordingly.

Industrial Marketing Today

Industry expert Achinta Mitra writes the Industrial Marketing Today blog. Mitra founded an industrial marketing and consulting agency, called Tiecas, in 1987. With 30 years of experience giving marketing tips to manufacturers, it is safe to say he’s well practiced in the field. Mitra has a mechanical engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, Mumbai. He also has an MBA degree from Kent State in Ohio.


The website title alone should be an indication that this blog covers all manufacturing topics. Marketers can find information and trends in their specific field by navigating the blog to specific topics, which include aerospace, automotive, economics, energy, global, IOT, labor, operations, product development, recalls, regulatory, software, supply chain, and technology. They also have guides for both companies and products.

American Manufacturing

The Alliance for American Manufacturing has an author write a post for their blog nearly every day. Buying in America, infrastructure, innovation, jobs, made in America, security, tax reform, trade, and workforce are the main subjects of the blog posts. Writers also offer marketing suggestions based on current industry news and trending topics.

Manufacturing Outlook

The manufacturing outlook blog by MAPI started in 2011. Some days, you will find three or four new articles about topics such as corporate affairs, finance, global economy, growth and innovation, leadership, operations, risk, and compliance. You also have the option to sort articles by region. If your company conducts business in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, or North America, there is content tailored for your specific territories.

Women in Manufacturing

To improve marketing strategy, manufacturers need to educate themselves on all industry-related topics. The Women in Manufacturing blog offers a different voice and tone than conventional blogs. Understanding the mindset of women within the field can help marketers advertise accordingly and close potential sales. Manufacturing has a manly stigma, but there is a rapidly growing number of women with jobs in the field, making this blog a valuable asset.

Machine Design

The Machine Design blog specializes in automotive, construction, energy, defense, manufacturing equipment, medical, packaging, recreation, robotics, semiconductors, and sustainable engineering. They offer company and product advice tailored for marketers in manufacturing.

Sync Show

Sync Show specializes in digital marketing strategies for manufacturing companies. Their blogs inform readers about website design and development, online branding strategies, search engine optimization, social media, inbound marketing, lead generation, mobile platforms, email marketing, e-commerce, company culture, metrics, and return on investment. They also provide insight on production procedures and employee advice. In addition to their blog articles, you can find Sync Show on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, and YouTube.


People who have handy skills paired with creative thinking visit the Make blog for insight into their at-home projects. The blog offers a different position than the majority of manufacturing blogs since the website’s demographic is not manufacturing businesses. However, companies can use the information provided here to understand people interested in their industry and accordingly market products toward them.

Industrial Marketer

For those marketing experts who want insightful information written for engineers and other technical professionals, the Industrial Marketer is the place to find it. Some of their popular content includes business-to-business branding strategies for manufacturers. They also have articles to help small businesses and online stores compete with global companies.

The Industrial Marketer also helps manufacturing companies set goals for their marketing strategies. Their advice will help marketers not only set goals but also follow the proper steps to achieve them.


The Cerasis blog posts new content about every other day. Their topics include increasing manufacturing efficiency, manufacturing tools, logistics, reducing carbon footprints and sustainability. Companies can use the information about carbon footprints, for example, to change their production to environment-friendly methods. These changes are great points of emphasis for marketing a company. Today more than ever, consumers are very conscious of supporting businesses that do their part in protecting the environment and eliminating harmful toxins whenever possible.

Dream it Do it

The content in this blog is specifically about manufacturing companies in Nebraska. However, all of the information applies to other businesses in similar markets. The blog covers industry trends, education, social media, and industry-specific products such as 3D printing. For manufacturers who want a small town writing style that applies to large-scale endeavors, these blog posts are relevant to your needs.


Huff Industrial Marketing provides marketing insights for small industrial manufacturers. They offer website advice such as how you should structure your “Frequently Asked Questions” page and why you need to monitor your competitors’ websites. Huff covers market trends, industrial strategies, and interviews with small manufacturers. They also provide abstract thinking for marketing and other random tips.

Shanahan Design

The industrial marketing blog from Shanahan Design covers a wide range of manufacturing insight. The topics include strategy, consulting, design, development, technology, digital marketing, outsourcing services, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media, business blogging, content creating, capturing leads, and attracting customers.

Of course, we like to think of our own blog as a great resource for manufacturers and marketers alike. At Revel, we develop results-driven strategies to position our clients above their competition in the marketplace. If you’re ready to start getting results, get in touch with us today.

By Andy Maciejewski, Partner + Meat Connoissuer


Andy Maciejewski is a B2B marketing professional and Partner at Revel. He is passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of our customers, people, and the community. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn.

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