Andy Maciejewski

Andy Maciejewski is a B2B marketing professional and Partner at Revel. He is passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of our customers, people, and the community. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn.

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How to Turn Your Marketing Strategy into a Magnet for Your Skilled Labor Search

Technology has transformed many-an-industry, not the least of which is manufacturing. Products are produced differently, consumers are most definitely buying differently, and at the same time, potential employees are seeking out opportunities differently. Yet in many cases, industrial marketing strategies fail to adapt to this changing customer and job-seeker experience. 
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5 Inbound Marketing Tools Everyone in the Manufacturing Industry Should be Using

Manufacturing businesses use inbound marketing strategies to attract customers and create brand awareness by utilizing digital tools such as content marketing, blogs, social media, events, and search engine optimization. The inbound strategy differs from traditional marketing techniques like newspaper advertisements, TV, radio, direct mail, and billboards.
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9 Valuable Lessons for Marketing Nonprofit Organizations

Knowing how to market a nonprofit organization can be quite a challenge. It takes a different approach and many such organizations find it difficult to generate the support they need and to maintain an interest in the work that they are doing.  A large part of this comes down to ...
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Does Your School Logo Make the Grade? These 3 Tips Can Help.

A logo is the the graphic mark your school can use to attract instant public recognition. Effective logo designs are simple and memorable, most often using a single image to capture the essence of your school. Design may seem like a whole other ballpark, but it doesn’t have to be.
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Set the Curve: 5 Ways to Make Your School Marketing Even Better.

When it comes to marketing your school, it’s going to take a little education (pun intended). Every school has a different story, brand, and mission. It’s best to present yourselves in a way that represents your school and showcase it in a way that students, staff, and the community will ...
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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

So, you’re in charge of marketing. Unless you work for a humongous corporation, you probably don’t have an army of staff at your beck and call. That means that all the pressure falls on you – every campaign, every deadline, every call to action … It’s all got to come ...
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