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5 Hacks for Choosing Engaging B2B Blog Topics

Content marketing, and blogging in particular, is a relatively easy and low-cost marketing tactic that can be well worth the effort—if you can get your target audience to engage. Blogging can help establish your organization as a thought leader, convert leads to customers, increase website traffic, and even attract qualified employees. But first, you need to determine what subject matter will get your audience’s attention. Keep in mind that readers are looking for solutions, answers, and insights that will solve their problems, whether it’s how to make spaghetti carbonara, which industrial machinery is right for them, or how to produce more widgets. 

Coming up with blog topics month after month can feel daunting. What specifically should you blog about to attract and engage your target audience? We suggest a few simple hacks that can ease the process and ensure that you’re blogging will pay off.

Five Hacks for Generating Blog Topics

1. Consider prospect pain points
The more effectively your content addresses your audience’s problems, the more likely they are to find it valuable—and seek out your expertise in the future. Discover pain points by asking your sales team for input, monitoring LinkedIn comments, or conducting a survey of prospects and customers.

2. Consider customer questions
Another source of inspiration: what issues do your current customers have with your products or services? Ask your customer service reps which questions come up repeatedly. Do users struggle to integrate a new product? Do they consistently underutilize the benefits of a product or service? Write a blog post (or three) providing instructions and expert advice.

3. Follow the analytics
Which of your existing blog posts, web pages, and social media posts get the most engagement? Use your analytics to determine which topics are of most interest to your audience and then expand on them.

4. Monitor the Competition
What topics are your competitors blogging about and covering on social media? If your competitors think it’s important to your shared prospects, it probably is. Put your own unique spin on the same topic or counter their hot take with one of your own.

5. Let Google Be Your Guide
Take advantage of any keyword research data you may have. If ‘buying the best widget’ is a highly-ranked search term, consider a blog post outlining what features and benefits a buyer should look for in an ideal widget. 

Use these hacks to develop a list of topics and map them out in an annual content calendar. This way, you’ll save time each month and be able to see the bigger picture of which messaging points you’re adequately covering and what you may be missing. Need help? At Revel, we help B2B marketers with blogging and other tactics that generate leads, build brands, and help grow businesses. Drop us an email or give us a call at (231) 727-9778 to learn more.

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