The Future of Web Design – Infographics

We’re kicking off another series to start the New Year on the right foot – and in the spirit of moving forward, we’ll be looking at some of the emerging trends in web design.

That’s right, we’re starting 2015 by looking INTO THE FUTURE!

Check back throughout the year to keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest web trends.

Part 1: Infographics

Infographics aren’t really anything new. If the most basic definition of an infographic is a “visual representation of related information” – then cave paintings, hieroglyphics, and basically all communication before written language fall under this umbrella.

In a more modern sense, we recognize infographics as those stylish, well-organized images featuring specific information that ties in with graphic elements like charts, graphs, illustrations, etc.

In modern web design – and the web design we’re likely to see in the years to come – infographics are one of the best ways to present multifaceted information in one fell swoop. Instead of listing stats or embedding images that support whatever info you’re providing in text, infographics let designers roll it all together in a more user-friendly kind of way. It’s the best way to put a whole buynch of information in one contained space.

Because so many people are viewing web pages on mobile devices (a trend that’s likely to continue), having self-contained information is key to providing a pleasant user experience.

For the site owner’s benefit, using infographics is a good way to add branded logos to material, promote content from friends or affiliates, and use design elements (like fonts, imagery, color schemes, etc.) to help users get an even better sense of who you are and what you represent.

They’re also a chance to source information back to reputable sites and publications, which builds even more credibility for you.

For all the growing trends in web design, infographics have already withstood the test of time (remember, the same basic principle has been in use for thousands of years). Going forward, we’ll likely only see more and more of them – optimized for mobile devices and with better, more interactive designs.

If you were to put together some infographics for your site, what details would you include? What would they look like?

Give it some thought …

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