Making a Video Can Make a Big Impact

How many online videos do you think you’ve watched this week? How about this month? How many of them contained marketing messages?

It’s pretty safe to assume that most people – at least most people with Internet access – watch videos. They are embedded in our social media timelines and incorporated into the news we consume. Videos are even becoming a part of the way we communicate with each other (through services like Snapchat, Instagram, and other video messaging platforms). 

But outside of the shifts in our ability to create and distribute videos, the basic draw is the same as it’s always been. Online video is the natural extension of the popularity of TV. It has all the components to keep our attention: color, sound, plot, images, movement, and music.

Video combines the elements of other media into one multifaceted package, and that’s likely why we are so captivated by them. They hold our attention more than text, more than images, and more than audio. Online video takes it another step further because we can find videos that cater to our specific interests with ease. Plus, they tend to be shorter, easier to access, and have way more cats …

If videos are that powerful for information and entertainment, of course they’ll work for marketing messages too (especially if you’re delivering worthwhile marketing messages that, you know, entertain and inform).

Not only are videos the best way to capture people’s attention, they also lead to real engagement. These are just a few of the powerful video marketing stats:

So, there’s obviously some benefit to marketing with video, and marketers are taking notice:

Video is even making a massive impact on SEO these days, yielding higher rankings in search results and promoting much, much higher click-through rates than text or images.

The consumer engagement is there, and the trend is obvious. With better and better cameras, easier to use software, and of course, the availability of video content about how to make videos, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be exploring video as a means of marketing your products and services.

You don’t have to do it all yourself, though. The exploding popularity of online video means that more and more people are providing the necessary services, from animation to acting, shooting to editing. You can hire outside help (like us), or jump in and start experimenting with video on your own!

 Either way, if you aren’t incorporating video into your marketing messages, you could be missing a huge opportunity to engage prospective customers – and sacrificing a ton of potential income in the process.

Ready to get your business in front of the camera?

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