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Google Search: How Does It Work?

If you want higher overall web traffic on your website or blog, you must know how the Google search engine works. While it isn’t rocket science, Google relies on a complex algorithm to constantly crawl the web and look for new pages that are relevant and up to date for users. To learn how this works and how to improve your website’s search results, keep on reading.

Page Crawling

The first step to a Google search is its aforementioned “crawling” feature, otherwise known as Googlebot or the spider. This feature constantly scans the web for new pages on your website or updates to old data to improve the results and relevancy for online searchers.

For a digital marketing agency, it’s important to consistently offer your consumers new and updated content. Around 72% of marketing experts claim content creation that is relevant to your business is one of the pillars for ongoing search engine optimization or SEO.

Page Indexing

Once the spider discovers your new page, it then works to index it. This means the spider tries to index what your page is about through the content, including your writing, images, and video files. By implementing specific SEO tactics as our internal marketing experts do, the spider is able to tell what your page is about more quickly. This includes selecting the best, unique title for the content and prioritizing written content over images and videos.

Page Serving

This refers to the ranking process Google uses to determine the best answers for a search engine result. This is why longtail keywords and awkward keywords (grammatically incorrect phrases people search) are an important factor on your site. Through the indexing process, Google responds to a search query by sifting through relevant pages on its index. It will utilize SEO tactics, but it will also take into account geographic locations and past search history.

This ranking will also take the page’s load time and accessibility into account. A site that loads quickly on a desktop but fails to load on a mobile device may result in hundreds of missed hits for mobile users. While this doesn’t seem like a high priority digital marketing technique, the faster a website loads, the more likely a user will stay on the page. A page that is slow to load may lose user patience quickly, ultimately affecting your SEO efforts.

How do I help my website?

Luckily, there are some ways to improve your Google ranking and streamline your index. While you probably already know how to apply SEO techniques, fast load times and delivering new unique content will help keep your website relevant to the search engines and your customers.

You also should not inundate your site with links to external sources. For links that connect to your content, be sure to keep your site uncluttered and easy to navigate. While Google does a great job getting your website recognized, it’s through actual people that your business becomes popular.

When you want to improve your Google search results, the best way is to rely on marketing experts with years of experience in the field. Whether you’re looking for marketing companies in Michigan, or you simply want to see what West Michigan Marketing experts have to offer, visit today.

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