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As a business owner or manager, you can sometimes feel like you’re one of those performers who’s trying to keep a hundred plates spinning at the same time. Too many plates, or one that’s just plain too full, can make life tough. Throw in the task of finding and retaining employees, and things get even tougher! Well, before it all comes crashing down, take heart — hiring doesn’t have to make your head spin like one of those plates of yours!

Revel and Axios HR are combining their expertise to offer hiring solutions in a free webinar you won’t want to miss. Sign up today for the November 28 event, and follow these 3 helpful hints in the meantime:

1. Don’t Just Sit There

Gone are the days of putting an ad in the paper then sitting back and waiting for resumes to roll in — today, you have to be proactive. After all, you’re competing with everyone else looking to hire, and as you know, there are a lot of businesses vying for prospective employees right now! Considering today’s digital world and millennial workforce, it’s simply not enough to announce a job opening and expect potential candidates to come running. You need to get out there and recruit them! You need to continually keep your website up to snuff, broadcast your message over multiple social media channels, and present your company as a place where people really want to get up in the morning and go to work — a company worthy of a submitted application. The truth is, the onus is no longer on the job seeker, but on the employer instead.    

2. Listen to the Pros

Sure a little trial and error may be in order, and there are plenty of times when Mom does know best, but if your friends all jumped off a bridge would you follow them? Just because something works for someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. It’s good to seek advice from others, but it’s best to stick with industry experts who can back their recommendations with research and customize a plan specifically for you (Sorry, Mom).

3. Go Outside

Not only can outsourcing your marketing help lighten your load, but some places (hint hint) even offer hiring packages specifically designed to position you as an employer of choice so you get the potential employee leads you’re after. There are also HR resources out there (shameless plug for our friends at Axios) who specialize in helping companies to create a hiring strategy that meets their individual needs.

Learn more about Revel and Axios HR, along with proven hiring strategies to help you find the right employees.

Join Revel’s Jason Piasecki and Axios’ Shannon Burkel to get the hiring help you need! 

Free Webinar, November 28, 2018:

How to Make Your Website a Top Notch Recruiting Tool

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