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case study

Brunswick Bowling


Brunswick Bowling has played a major part in the bowling industry for over 100 years. Over time, Brunswick has leveraged the success of the industry in order to expand and diversify – turning Brunswick into the $3.7 billion powerhouse it is today.

Project Goals

Brunswick was launching a new initiative to help diversify their business and increase leads. Their goal was to attract investors and owners in the cinema and movie theater industry to add bowling lanes to their facility.

Our Approach

To stand out and deliver a powerful pitch, Brunswick needed highly visual and informative materials that were exciting to their audience. It was decided that video was the most unique and impressive format. From there, we developed targeted visuals and content to showcase the unique opportunity Brunswick was offering.

The Results

The video has been presented to hundreds of potential investors expanding the company’s reach into new markets.

Cinema Investor Video

This video needed to educate movie theater investors and owners on why adding bowling to their facility would be a profitable decision. Part of the sell was that bowling isn’t the old, smokey stereotype it used to be. It’s fun and relevant. Therefore, we used cutting-edge graphic animation coupled with photography and voice narration to bring Brunswick’s message to life.

  • Script Writing
  • Graphic Animation
  • Photography
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